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Thursday Night Football (TNF)

BA Winston, VP of Technology at Prime Video, highlights five research areas during official launch of UT Austin-Amazon Science Hub.
Prime Video teams had ambitions to add support for live sport broadcasts and scale from 20 live events a year to thousands. Here’s how we did it.
BA Winston, VP of Technology at Prime Video, reflects on eight years, many launches, and reducing latency for live streaming at Prime Video.
Prime Video used computer vision technology to reinvent sports-field tracking for monocular broadcasting videos.
Prime Video invented a new way to set the producer reference time as the global time reference for live-event playback on customer devices.
Prime Video used closed-form equations and solutions to represent and compress audio media timelines in a pattern template, which ensures a second-order, lossless compression for audio stream media timelines.
AWS and technology are changing some of the fundamental ways that NFL football is played and experienced on Prime Video. Join Eric Orme – Director, Prime Video Sports Engineering and Operations – as he explains how.
Prime Video and AWS collaborated to deliver TNF to millions of fans. Join Manish Rao – Director, Playback and Discovery – as he explains how we did it.