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Prime Video presents about delivering NFL Thursday Night Football (TNF) at re:Invent 2022

Prime Video and AWS collaborated to deliver TNF to millions of fans. Join Manish Rao – Director, Playback and Discovery – as he explains how we did it.

At re:Invent 2022, Prime Video’s Manish Rao (Head of Video Playback), Megha Kande (Senior Manager, Amazon CloudFront, AWS), and Dennis Calhoun (Senior Customer Solutions Manager, AWS) presented a breakout session on How Prime Video delivers NFL Thursday Night Football on AWS.

AWS and Prime Video collaborated to deliver the first exclusively streamed NFL Thursday Night Football (TNF) game to millions of NFL fans.

To do this, Prime Video deployed cloud computing workloads using Amazon Web Services (AWS) media and entertainment solutions in broadcast, media supply chain and archive, direct to consumer, and streaming. The session dives deep into the way that Prime Video built innovative applications on the AWS Cloud to delight fans. It also discusses Prime Video’s creative engineering of AWS Elemental Media services, and Amazon CloudFront to monetize large-scale live events with low latency, high reliability, and server-side ad insertion.

Watch the video of the breakout session to learn more.