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Our Story

Prime Video and Amazon Studios entertain you every day. But one of the most exciting stories we can tell is our own.

Prime Video employee at table with their laptop and talking to another employee.

Our favorite on-screen moments, characters, and shows become forever etched in our minds. Whether it’s a character in a movie who reminded us of ourselves, or the time a sports player turned an impossible play into a game-winning move, or when a scene made us cry with laughter, these moments are woven into stories that we always carry with us.

Every day, Prime Video and Amazon Studios help deliver these magic moments to you. Millions of customers use Prime Video and we bring together the world’s best creators with the most passionate communities in a way that no other entertainment brand can. Not only are we a one-stop hub for award-winning original programming, but we also offer a multi-dimensional experience that allows our customers to fully immerse themselves in their fandom – watch the series, read the book, listen to the soundtrack, play the game, and buy the merchandise.

Working backwards from our customers, we have built incredible technology that delivers compelling entertainment.

Yet, the most exciting story we can tell is that of our own remarkable people behind the innovative technology that delivers on-screen moments directly to you.

While we are part of Amazon, Prime Video’s own unique story begins in 2006. Back then, we were called Amazon Unbox and you could download about a thousand movies from major studios. Fast-forward to today and Prime Video, as we’re now called, has a vast catalog of titles. Amazon Studios has created award-winning and fan-favorite original content like The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Reacher, Being The Ricardos, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Boys, Lizzo’s Watch Out For The Big Grrrls, and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. And we’ve expanded into hosting live events such as Thursday Night Football (TNF), the NFL’s first weekly, prime time, streaming-only broadcast, airing exclusively on Prime Video.

All this is made possible through the ingenuity, technological innovation, and sheer dedication of our Prime Video and Amazon Studios tech teams. Working backwards from our customers, we have built incredible technology that delivers compelling entertainment. To do this, we’ve had to solve hard problems, build solutions, and be fearless in our quest to transform the seemingly impossible into the possible.

From machine learning (ML) to computer vision (CV), from applied science to world-class engineering, from infrastructure scaling and building to the pursuit of low latency, Prime Video and Amazon Studios teams represent a distinctive depth and breadth of technical expertise. We’re geeks about tech and entertainment, fluent in streaming, and ridiculously enthusiastic about it. We invite diverse perspectives, ideas, and skill sets into everything we do because we know it makes us better.

Together, we invent, disrupt, break new ground, and redefine what entertainment means for fans, creators, and communities all around the globe.