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Cloud and Scale

Content about cloud and scale at Prime Video.

Elliott Nash – Senior Manager, Software Development – presents at re:Invent 2022 about how tools help establish baselines and drive significant efficiencies across Prime Video’s AWS usage.
At re:Invent 2022, “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” producer Ron Ames and Weyron Henriques from Company 3 dive deep on how AWS collaborated on the largest television production in history.
Amazon Studios Technology holds workshop to enhance interoperability of the JPEG XS codec, ensuring a healthy environment for this low-latency, high-quality transport that can send on-set camera feeds and graphical workstation outputs between on-premises locations and the cloud.
Amazon Studios, Prime Video, and MGM tech employees bring big ideas to life at second annual Tech Tank hackathon.
A deep dive into the adoption of Kotlin for developing microservices at Prime Video.
The switch to WebAssembly increases stability and speed.
Prime Video used chaos testing to discover and prevent a customer-impacting failure, and then released an open-source library to help the developer community.
An unlikely customer anecdote and some simple bloom filters helped a Principal Engineer solve a duplicate problem on the Prime Video homepage.
Troubleshooting across Prime Video services using a near-real time log ingestion and query system that combines zero-knowledge observability with user and product insights.
The Device Automation Bus (DAB) protocol makes automated testing easier on living room devices, such as smart TVs.
Prime Video teams had ambitions to add support for live sport broadcasts and scale from 20 live events a year to thousands. Here’s how we did it.
Prime Video applies a distributed workflow scheduling system for publishing live sports content.