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Meet the innovators and builders behind the technology at Prime Video.

A week in the life of Franco Raimondi, an Amazon Scholar at Prime Video and Professor at Middlesex University.
As head of Design Ops, UX Research, and Global Commerce Design at Prime Video, Amélie helped oversee the redesign of the user experience – a journey that’s allowed her to embrace Amazon’s Leadership Principles while empowering her colleagues.
Embracing what she calls a “blue-sky opportunity,” the seasoned product manager opens up about her first months at Amazon Studios, helping to create the studio of the future.
Three students share their experiences about being SDE apprentices at Prime Video in the UK.
Prime Video’s Michelle Dauphiny Becker, Director of Video Search, explains how Amazon empowers leaders with the trust needed to embrace unique perspectives, set bold goals, and effect positive change.
It’s hard to tell where some stories begin, but for Girish Bajaj, VP WW Prime Video & Studios Technology, the story of innovation at Prime Video and Amazon Studios started in 2006 and hasn’t stopped since.
BA Winston, VP of Technology at Prime Video, reflects on eight years, many launches, and reducing latency for live streaming at Prime Video.
A week in the life of Sergio, a senior quality assurance engineer at Amazon Studios.
The software development manager and 10-year Amazonian innovates for Amazon’s customers while advocating for fellow women in tech at every step along the way.
Dario Fontanel always wanted to join Amazon as an applied scientist intern and his experience at Prime Video didn’t disappoint.
For Angie, a senior SDE at Prime Video, the secret to a successful team is simple: different perspectives and styles of thinking.
A week in the life of Hanna Kim, a senior product manager at Prime Video.
A week in the life of Camille Yan, a senior technical program manager for X-Ray at Prime Video.
During the UK’s Black History Month, Prime Video and BEN hosted an event focusing on Black professionals and Prime Video tech employees.
Amazon Studios, Prime Video, and MGM tech employees bring big ideas to life at second annual Tech Tank hackathon.
The Prime Video software development manager is passionate about building products, teams, and a more welcoming and diverse tomorrow for the tech industry.

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A Prime Video paper discusses one of the fundamental clustering techniques in machine learning, examining its key performance factors, and revealing the underlying mechanism used to find the clusters.
Prime Video uses computer vision and video understanding techniques to detect different video content segments, such as introductions, recaps, and opening or ending credits.
BA Winston, VP of Technology at Prime Video, highlights five research areas during official launch of UT Austin-Amazon Science Hub.
Prime Video announces ARA awards in the fields of anomaly detection and insights, automated reasoning, personalization and discovery, and video quality analysis.
Here’s how Prime Video delivers live video streaming on customer devices that only support video-on-demand (VOD) playback.
Research by Prime Video demonstrates that it’s vital to consider both spatial and temporal features when developing a model to estimate the visual quality of production-related content.