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Camille makes sure X-Ray is game-time ready

A week in the life of Camille Yan, a senior technical program manager for X-Ray at Prime Video.

Image of Camille standing on a staircase.

Name: Camille Yan
Occupation: Senior technical program manager – Prime Video
Time at Amazon: Two years
Location: Washington, United States
Favorite Amazon Original: The Tomorrow War
If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Time travel

Hi there,

My name’s Camille and I’m from Seattle. I’m married, have a two-year-old son, and love playing sports, traveling, and listening to music. I’ve been with Amazon for about two years, specifically I’m on Prime Video’s product feature team called X-Ray.

I’m a senior technical program manager responsible for X-Ray Live Operations, which means I make sure X-Ray is game-time ready to delight our customers for live sporting events such as NFL Thursday Night Football (TNF) games. X-Ray provides additional information to immerse you in the content that you’re watching, such as real-time stats, trivia, shopping, or actor and player information about your favorite TV shows, movies or live sports.

Day-to-day, I connect the dots across teams to make sure we’re ready for production and quickly respond to mitigate any issues. My biggest strengths that help me in my role are ownership, bias for action, and earn trust. I enjoy my work because I’m part of an innovative team that is changing the way the world watches sports.

Here’s how my week went.


Around 06:00 a.m. I hear my son crying in his crib for me to hold him. Although it’s early, starting my day by hugging him makes it worth it. After my son is at daycare, I check my notifications, meeting schedule, and emails on my phone. I see an email that is time-sensitive, so I log in to my computer and address it. After that, my first meeting (which is to discuss metrics) isn’t for another hour, so I set my alarm and take a short nap.

I feel very fortunate to be part of a team that encourages work-life-balance, and I feel empowered to flex my time to maintain this balance.

When I wake up, I make a hot green tea to start my day. I answer all the other emails in my inbox, read my notes to catch up on my to-dos, and set an agenda for the day. My goals include: 1) follow up on action items from a meeting last week, 2) make progress on a training SOP document, and 3) draft an email announcing the launch of our fan polls feature.


Today is a big day for us because X-Ray is going live for the UEFA Champions League, a European soccer competition. I review our gameday checklist and complete operations tasks to ensure X-Ray is ready. This includes making sure my devices are set up for monitoring, checking in with team members for readiness, and uploading our predictive fan poll questions. When the event kicks off at noon, I’m managing our launch room to monitor our customer experience. After the event, I send out a recap email summarizing what happened and our engagement metrics to the X-Ray organization.


I must attend a few stand-up meetings with my partner teams, which gets me up to speed on the latest status for our upcoming launches. In these meetings, I share X-Ray status with other stakeholders and take note of information that impact my team, such as schedule changes for production events and streaming formats from our broadcast such as whether we are offering UHD or HD.

I log off from work around 04:30 p.m. to pick up my son and spend the next few hours with him until he sleeps. After he sleeps, I clean up around the house, and then I log back on. We have a team in India, so I attend one meeting in the evening and then end my day by reading through my notes and checking my calendar for tomorrow to make sure I’m prepared.


A late-breaking issue is brought to my attention. I get pulled into some meetings to gather information and I then prepare a document to present the impact to the customer experience, the short-term mitigation options, and the long-term fix so I can escalate to leadership and get alignment on our plan forward. Although in my role I hope that we don’t have to deal with these types of issues, we inevitably will. It’s then my job to handle them swiftly, provide visibility to the correct people, and understand the short and long-term impact for our customers.


My team tries to adhere to a no-meetings policy for Fridays. No meetings mean that I have time to catch up on emails, planning, and just be heads down to get stuff done. It’s especially helpful today because I must work on a document for resource planning. The uninterrupted time allows me to think big picture about short and long-term needs for X-Ray.

Because I worked a few late nights this week, I blocked off my calendar so I can log off early and start my weekend. I feel very fortunate to be part of a team that encourages work-life-balance, and I feel empowered to flex my time to maintain this balance.

Thanks for joining me during my week!

Senior Technical Program Manager – Prime Video