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Building the future of entertainment

The innovation and people behind Prime Video’s technology

It’s hard to tell where some stories begin, but for Girish Bajaj, VP WW Prime Video & Studios Technology, the story of innovation at Prime Video and Amazon Studios started in 2006 and hasn’t stopped since.
At the European Women in Tech conference 2022, Filippa Hasselstrom, head of low-latency streaming at Prime Video, explained how her team builds the future of live sports streaming using UDP.
The move from a distributed microservices architecture to a monolith application helped achieve higher scale, resilience, and reduce costs.
Our Innovation

Stories by the builders, innovators, and technologists at Prime Video.

Prime Video applies a distributed workflow scheduling system for publishing live sports content.
BA Winston, VP of Technology, speaks about Prime Video’s innovations, tech challenges, and improving the customer experience.
Prime Video developed a language-agnostic system to flag and automatically synchronize out-of-sync subtitles.
Our People

Meet the people behind the technology at Prime Video.

A week in the life of Hanna Kim, a senior product manager at Prime Video.
The senior software development engineer talks about how he found his career calling and a community that feels like home at Amazon Studios.
The Prime Video software development manager is passionate about building products, teams, and a more welcoming and diverse tomorrow for the tech industry.
Spotlighting women in tech

Explore how these women are driving innovation and making an impact at Prime Video and Amazon Studios.

Prime Video’s Michelle Dauphiny Becker, Director of Video Search, explains how Amazon empowers leaders with the trust needed to embrace unique perspectives, set bold goals, and effect positive change.
Three students share their experiences about being SDE apprentices at Prime Video in the UK.
Embracing what she calls a “blue-sky opportunity,” the seasoned product manager opens up about her first months at Amazon Studios, helping to create the studio of the future.
Machine learning, resilience, and scale at Prime Video
The switch to WebAssembly increases stability and speed.
Detectors for block corruption, audio artifacts, and errors in audio-video synchronization are just three of Prime Video’s quality assurance tools.
Prime Video used chaos testing to discover and prevent a customer-impacting failure, and then released an open-source library to help the developer community.