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Building the future of entertainment

The innovation and people behind Prime Video’s technology

BA Winston, VP of Technology at Prime Video, highlights five research areas during official launch of UT Austin-Amazon Science Hub.
At Prime Video, cost optimization doesn’t mean compromising on quality or reliability for customers.
As head of Design Ops, UX Research, and Global Commerce Design at Prime Video, Amélie helped oversee the redesign of the user experience – a journey that’s allowed her to embrace Amazon’s Leadership Principles while empowering her colleagues.

Our Innovation

Stories by the builders, innovators, and technologists at Prime Video.

Research by Prime Video demonstrates that it’s vital to consider both spatial and temporal features when developing a model to estimate the visual quality of production-related content.
A Prime Video paper discusses one of the fundamental clustering techniques in machine learning, examining its key performance factors, and revealing the underlying mechanism used to find the clusters.
Prime Video uses computer vision and video understanding techniques to detect different video content segments, such as introductions, recaps, and opening or ending credits.

Our People

Meet the people behind the technology at Prime Video.

Embracing what she calls a “blue-sky opportunity,” the seasoned product manager opens up about her first months at Amazon Studios, helping to create the studio of the future.
A week in the life of Franco Raimondi, an Amazon Scholar at Prime Video and Professor at Middlesex University.
The Prime Video software development manager is passionate about building products, teams, and a more welcoming and diverse tomorrow for the tech industry.

Machine learning, resilience, and scale at Prime Video

The switch to WebAssembly increases stability and speed.
Detectors for block corruption, audio artifacts, and errors in audio-video synchronization are just three of Prime Video’s quality assurance tools.
Prime Video used chaos testing to discover and prevent a customer-impacting failure, and then released an open-source library to help the developer community.