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Prime Video co-presents on how the NFL is innovating with AWS and Prime Video at re:Invent 2022

AWS and technology are changing some of the fundamental ways that NFL football is played and experienced on Prime Video. Join Eric Orme – Director, Prime Video Sports Engineering and Operations – as he explains how.

At re:Invent 2022, Prime Video’s Eric Orme (Director of Live Events, Prime Video), Justin Burks (GM, Sports, AWS), Jennifer Langton (SVP Health and Innovation, NFL), and Larry Fitzgerald (NFL Ambassador) presented a breakout session on How the NFL is innovating with AWS and Prime Video.

Prime Video and Amazon Web Services (AWS) collaborated to deliver the first exclusively streamed NFL Thursday Night Football (TNF) game to millions of NFL fans. The NFL is using AWS to transform football by making it more engaging for fans and safer for players.

The NFL’s player tracking platform Next Gen Stats, which runs on AWS, is being used to power TNF on Prime Video, fantasy football, and sports betting applications. Also, the NFL’s Player Health and Safety team is using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to build the Digital Athlete, a virtual representation of an NFL player that can be used to better predict and eventually prevent player injury.

This breakout session explored how AWS and technology in general are changing some of the fundamental ways that football is played and experienced.

Watch the video of the breakout session to learn more.