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“We believe focusing on our customers will drive us to the right tech stack and help deliver the right experience for them”

BA Winston, VP of Technology, speaks about the technology that goes into providing Prime Video’s live video streaming experience.

Recently, BA Winston (VP, Technology – Prime Video) was interviewed by The Hindustan Times about live video streaming, the science and tech behind it, and solving the challenges of delivering it to India.

“I think, as a technologist, challenges are always exciting, as well as interesting,” says Winston. “I would say, broadly, there are four challenges that I want to highlight and while some of these are not unique to India, they are still relevant.”

These four challenges are availability, scaling, reach, and quality. Overall, device mix and network in India also play a key role. “That’s a pretty challenging effort, as well as time-consuming,” says Winston. “But if you are obsessed with the customer experience, you have to do it.”

You can read more from Winston’s interview in The science and tech behind live streaming; a deep-dive with Prime Video on The Hindustan Times website.

VP, Technology – Prime Video