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Towards better quality assessment of high-quality videos

By Suiyi Ling, Yoann Baveye, Deepthi Nandakumar, Sriram Sethuraman, Patrick Le Callet

In recent times, video content encoded at High-Definition (HD) and Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) resolution dominates internet traffic. The significantly increased data rate and growing expectations of video quality from users create great challenges in video compression and quality assessment, especially for higher-resolution, higher-quality content. The development of robust video quality assessment metrics relies on the collection of subjective ground truths. As high-quality video content is more ambiguous and difficult for a human observer to rate, a more distinguishable subjective protocol/methodology should be considered. In this study towards better quality assessment of high-quality videos, a subjective study was conducted focusing on high-quality HD and UHD content with the Degradation Category Rating (DCR) protocol. Commonly used video quality metrics were benchmarked in two quality ranges.

For the full paper, see Towards better quality assessment of high-quality videos on the Amazon Science website.

Principal Research Scientist – Amazon
Senior Principal Scientist – Prime Video