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Prime Video presents about continuous resilience with AI/ML at Chaos Carnival 2022

At Chaos Carnival 2022, Olga Hall, Geoff Robinson, and Ali Jalali presented on achieving continuous resilience in DevOps at Prime Video through AI and ML.

In January 2022, Olga Hall (Director, Software Development – Prime Video), Geoff Robinson (Principal Technical Program Manager – Prime Video), and Ali Jalali (Prinicpal Applied Scientist – Prime Video) presented at Chaos Carnival on how Prime Video achieves continuous resilience in DevOps through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

  • Olga Hall has pioneered chaos and resilience engineering at Prime Video for more than a decade. Her team builds tools to automate technical readiness for large-scale, high-profile launches on Prime Video.
  • Geoff Robinson leads Prime Video capacity readiness for live events and works with engineering teams across Amazon retail, Prime Video, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Ali Jalali leads Prime Video demand insight and capacity planning sciences globally through classical and modern machine learning techniques. He holds a PhD in computer science.

The full presentation is available in the Achieving continuous resilience in DevOps through ML and AI video from the Chaos Carnival website.

Director, Software Development – Prime Video
Principal Technical Program Manager – Prime Video
Principal Applied Scientist – Prime Video